Posted by: Ian | September 29, 2013

The Last Post

Regular readers might have noticed that it’s been a couple of months or more since my last post. I’ve been cycling as much as ever and there have been plenty of things I would normally have written about; topics that have been on my mind include:

  • How I smashed my Park Loops time
  • Watching the Vuelta in Madrid
  • Watching the Tour of Britain in Devon
  • 6,000 mile review of the Van Nicholas Astraeus
  • 4,000 mile review of the Cervelo R3
  • 15,000 mile review of the Condor Tempo
  • Tubeless tyres
  • The psychotopology of Swiss and English roads
  • Strava (check out leading times on the “Tunnel Vision” segment on the Embankment)
  • My planned Highlights of Northern Britain tour
  • Riding up Box Hill with Alberto Contador.

However… I’ve increasingly felt that this blog returns me to a period that I now look back on unhappily, as if I one day awoke into a coldness as severe as any act of intended violence.

I’m still writing, and finding a lot of fun in it, but not here and not, as it happens, about cycling. At least for now.

While I’ve lost my appetite to run a blog, I might be interested in contributing to one. (email me at if you have ideas…)

I sign off with a repeat of one of my favourite images, being the Garmin map trace of my seven days of riding between Christmas and New Year:




  1. Thanks! That’s very kind.

  2. Well we will miss it! We may not have commented much (at all?), but we have not missed a word over the years. It has always been interesting and sometimes thought-provoking. Thank you, and here’s hoping you start up again in another form one day soon. Steve and Gill

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