Posted by: Ian | June 19, 2013

Your Wimbleball 70.3 stats

On Monday I posted some summary stats for this year’s Wimbleball 70.3. Since then I’ve processed some analysis for each competitor. If you follow this link you can see how each cohort performed, selecting by Category (Pro, Age band) and Gender, showing results for each Leg or Overall. As you make your selection the time on the chosen leg for each person in the cohort is shown as a dot on the chart. Also, some summary stats for the cohort are shown, namely the minimum, 1st quartile, median, mean, 3rd quartile and maximum values. All times are in minutes, so, for example, 200.5 means 3 hours, 20 minutes and 30 seconds.

You can also enter the name of an individual competitor (the default is Paula). When you do so, whenever the person named features in the chosen cohort a blue line will pick out the relevant dot and show their relevant time and position.

Some caveats:

1. I haven’t scrubbed the data. (I noticed that one guy had a bike time of zero so I inferred the correct time using the total time and an average transition time value.)

2. You have to enter the names as they appear on the Ironman website. I’ve trimmed redundant zeroes but haven’t decapitalised names that appear all in caps or made any other changes.

3. The labels may appear in strange/overlapping/off-chart positions. If I was selling it I’d fix it…

4. The charts are generally reactive – i.e. they all redraw as soon as you change any input. However, the stats charts don’t always seem to do so and then you may need to reload the page or make some other changes to trigger a re-calc. (See comment above…)

5. Five names (Ben Williams, James Williams, Martin Davies, Paul Wilson, Simon Wood) appear a couple of time. In these cases, two lines appear but the text may overlap, rendering it unreadable.



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