Posted by: Ian | May 30, 2013

Your 2013 Tour of Wessex Results

The results from this year’s ToW went up on the sportive site a couple of days ago. Here is an interactive chart I cooked up for the Day 3 results (only). If you override my race number (the default) with your own you can see where you appear – indicated by a blue vertical line – in the final order  (the default), for Climb 1 (the hill up the back of Crowcombe) and for Climb 2 (Porlock Toll Road). You can sub-select by Gender and Age Group. Text shows you how many riders are in each sub-group. If you choose a Gender and/or an Age Group that doesn’t cover you, the blue line will disappear.

I haven’t tested this in any rigorous sense and there are very many things I could do to improve it, such as making the chart prettier and offering the ability to enter your name rather than race number. Also, I haven’t validated the data; and the Gender assignments as given on the official results are clearly sometimes wrong. But I’ve timed out on it for now…

If you see a gross bug, please post a comment.



  1. […] had intended to add a link to an interactive chart such as the link I provided here for the Tour of Wessex Day 3 – but I’ve timed out and I guess that interested parties […]

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