Posted by: Ian | May 6, 2013

Repaired and new stuff

A couple of posts back I wrote about stuff that got broken when I had a spill in Maui. Here’s how it all got fixed…

Garmin 810

I’ve been riding with a new Garmin 810 for a little while now. First impressions are pretty good. Although the physical form is identical to the old 800, the software has had a few nice refreshes. The fonts are a bit crisper and the new menus/navigation, while initially confusing, work well. My favourite new feature is the ability to set different Activity Profiles, each with its own set of training pages, and to scroll through to the one that you want quickly from the front screen.

The bluetooth feature is nice for getting a ride effortlessly onto your phone and then onto the Garmin Connect site post ride. I turn the bluetooth off for longer rides to save battery life – and I have absolutely no interest in broadcasting my live position. It’s a shame that the phone transfer only gets the ride onto the Garmin App (and, I guess, Facebook for all the non-FB-haters) and not also straight onto Strava. More to follow maybe.

My Rapha gear

I was pretty sure my shredded jacked was ruined but the (free) repair they managed was outstanding. Here’s the patch they put on the side panel:

Rapha repairs  - side

The repair, which is hard to make out, is the symmetrical sail shape either side of the seam. It’s flawless.

Here’s the smaller patch that they made to the sleeve:

Rapha repairs sleeve

Because I haven’t lightened the black to pick it out you probably can’t see it; it’s a small equilateral triangle, also flawless.

And here’s the fix they made to my torn glove:

Rapha repairs glove

The abrasion on the palm couldn’t be fixed but the repair to the tear between the little and ring fingers is very tidy. I’m pretty sure that the tiny circular patch at the base of the thumb, which is matched on the other glove, is also new. It’s incredible.

You’ve really got to love Rapha.

Pocket camera

All of these photos were taken with my new Sony DSC-RX100. I’m warming to it. It coped okay with those awkward blacks, and on the top photo I used the HDR feature to pick out the repairs from the shadow.

Yesterday I took a few snaps in Sidmouth before I rode up Peak Hill. The sunny scenes were nicely captured but I’m not perfectly happy with the colours yet. On my trashed Canon I took virtually all of my photos on Custom settings; I haven’t set up the Sony with a custom config yet as I’m still exploring the default behaviour.



  1. I have the Assos shorts and Rapha 3/4 shorts. Both are good and I choose between them based upon whether I want my knees covered (and which happen to be clean). If pressed, I find the Assos ones marginally more comfortable. I haven’t been struck by a difference in pad placement but I’ll look out for it. However, within the past couple of weeks I got a pair of the Rapha Imperial Works bib shorts. I’ve only worn these a few times and I immediately noticed a difference, which is what you, I think accurately, refer to as a more forward pad placement. I find these fine on the bike but possibly a bit more awkward off it, but it’s too early to say definitively yet. I’ve put in many thousands of miles in the Assos shorts and can happily recommend them.

    • Thanks, that is useful info.

      • Cool.

  2. Happy news! Out of curiosity, you took a tumble like that and didn’t shred your shorts?

    • Good question. I was wearing (Rapha) cotton touring shorts over (Assos) bib shorts. The touring shorts are surprisingly protective and far less vulnerable to rip than Lycra. My knees and lower legs got bloodied but nothing serious.

      • I have a pair of the touring shorts, and yes, they are more robust than Lycra, as you say. Now that you mention Assos, how is their pad placement? Is it similar to the Rapha Classic or 3/4 bib shorts, or is it like the Pro Team bib shorts with a slightly more forward placement? I am curious about Assos but of course the pad position has been a burning question particularly because I find the forward placement of the Pro Team version less comfortable.

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