Posted by: Ian | April 4, 2013

Broken stuff

Writing about my Maui circuit (and spill) the other day I referenced some broken stuff. Here’s an update:

My Garmin 800

Where the hair dryer and sunshine failed, packing the unit in rice eventually removed the moisture and got it working again – it took over two days. I have very little confidence in the unit now but/so like a sucker I may buy a new Garmin 810 in San Fran when I pass through tomorrow if the price is good enough and I’m near a bike shop.

My pocket camera

My Canon S90 is seriously damaged and unreliable. I’ve removed enough sand that I can turn the dial on the top now but the dial on the back, the zoom control and the Take Picture button all work only intermittently and the body is buckled enough that it’s probably no more waterproof than my Garmin 800. This also probably presents an opportunity for a new purchase in San Francisco. I’m torn between (a) a replacement Canon (I guess it would now be the S100 or the S110); (b) the Sony DSC-RX100, which gets outstanding reviews but is a little heavier/bigger; (c) the Leica D-Lux 6. My heart wants the Leica because I’ve long wanted one, though really one of the rangefinders. I’d like to be able to believe that the Leica would take the best pictures too but I have no evidence for this. The fact that it’s a style over substance play is evidenced by the fact I wouldn’t consider the Panasonic Lumix LX7, which packages the same Leica lens and sensor more cheaply in a less chic body. My head knows I should get the Sony, for the better photos, or the Canon for the smaller size/weight.

I’m not current on small-format cameras so if anyone has relevant knowledge or opinions please email me or leave a comment ASAP!

My Rapha gear

I thought my rain jacket was ripped beyond repair but Rapha replied quickly to the photo I emailed them and offered to patch it up as part of their free crash repair service. They also think they can fix the hole in my gloves, though not the abrasion to the leather pads. I know some people don’t feel the love for Rapha but, well, what can I say – stick to your Endura.

Here’s a photo I did manage to take with the S90 while on a diving trip with Heidi yesterday. There were whales all over the place and some of them were breaching actively. The shutter wouldn’t work for most of the time but I did manage to get a few shots of this mother and cub, who came right up to our boat right by where we moored to go diving. (It was off Larry Ellison’s island, near to his house.)




  1. […] couple of posts back I wrote about stuff that got broken when I had a spill in Maui. Here’s how it all got […]

  2. On the camera, you might want to go over to for some words of wisdom. That said, given the much improved camera on the iphone 5 and some rather impressive apps out there, I am no longer sure if a separate pocket camera is a worthwhile addition to one’s cargo when out riding unless you have specific requirements like RAW files or if you are using the iphone for another app that is consuming power during your ride.

    • Good point about the iphone 5. I’m still on a sGS, which has a shocking camera. I bet my money would be better spent on upgrading my phone, as you say, but I’m a bit old school about having a real camera that works in low light and doesn’t get noisy or add distortion. I should get over it but I won’t.

      • I just saw this and thought of you. Perhaps still a bit big…

      • Thanks for this – it’s interesting. I already bought the Sony DSC-RX100 when I was in San Fran so I won’t be buying another just yet. So far the Sony seems ok but I haven’t used it enough to get a strong feeling for it.

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