Posted by: Ian | December 31, 2012

My Festive 500 Spell

In My Festive 500 #6 post I called my approach to this challenge a spell. That’s true in the banal sense of it being a period of days during which I’ve focused, meditatively, on my transition from the end of 2012, which has been crap, into 2013, which will be different. It’s also a spell in the most literal sense: my route spelled out a word that has been emblematic of the kind of change that I need –


Finally, it has also become a spell in the transformative, witchy, sense. By pedalling well over 500km in seven straight days of cycling, knowing all the time that each turn was vital to making this inscription on the landscape, the thought Freedom became decisively induced into my mentality. It’s akin to a pilgrimage, except that the entirety of Wessex is my destination and I’ve been there from start to finish. My discipline of cycle lettering has been the essential meditative element, determining, for example, when I would be on a pot-holed, flooded track or tackling a steep hill, and when (less frequently) I would be flying along an A road. The lettering discipline has also taken me along many roads that are new to me and that I wouldn’t otherwise have explored.

The Tarot reading outlined over four of the posts has been a fertile provocation to add challenge, depth and Tarotic/Jungian insight to my own mulling, which was becoming heavily rutted as the year dragged to its end. While in these posts I’ve done nothing more than identify the conventional meaning of the drawn cards, almost exclusively just by reference to their pictures, and have said nothing whatsoever about my own interpretation, I hope that this has nonetheless conveyed something of the sense of the Tarot.

On a practical point, my d is more dumpy than I’d wanted because, after cycling thigh-deep through a floodplain, I finally abandoned the upstroke before its completion, and the m has a bump on the right-hand downstroke as a consequence of diverting around the closed Crewkerne tunnel.

Festive Complete



  1. Congratulations and good luck in the future

    • Thanks!

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