Posted by: Ian | December 30, 2012

My Festive 500 #7 – True Self

As I was cycling through Devon this morning I recalled that the name of the place that I mentioned yesterday was in fact Peaceful Heart Cross (not Perfect Heart Cross). It’s a better name, though still not on my maps or in the Cambridge Dictionary of English Place-names. I made my coffee and cake stop in Hugh FW’s cafe in Axminster, sitting, as I always do, on the wide outdoor window sill with my bike.

South of Crewkerne I had to detour from my planned route because the tunnel on the Beaminster road is still closed. It collapsed a while ago, killing an elderly couple who were driving through it; it was a fortnight before they were discovered. The detour messed up my route plan a little, as well as throwing in another notable climb.

F500 LymeAt Bridport I completed the route, and with it the Rapha Festive 500 challenge. However, I still had to get back to my start point, which was 25 miles and 2,500 feet of ascent away. If I could have got a lift back I would have done but the extra section turned out to be a nice coda. For a start, I stopped for lunch in Lyme Regis. Sitting on the high kerb on the High Street with a steak pasty and a tea, I had my only proper opportunity on the Festive 500 to look out at the sea. (As you can see from the snap, I brought my best bike out today.)

Also, during this extra last leg I managed to underline in my own thinking some important conclusions from the themes I’ve been contemplating over the past seven days.

And the final descent into Sidford at the end was a fitting fast blast.

The last card in my Tarot spread represents the inner child figure: what the querent could become if the impediments of life could be removed. More than the Animus or the Anima, or even the Significator, it is the truest reflection of the querent’s true self, abstracted from obligation and circumstance.

I drew The World:

The World

It’s the final card in the Major Arcana and an auspicious one. The depiction of the figure and the encircling garland speak of attainment and success. The corner figures – an angel, an eagle, a bull and a lion – reflect recognition in every realm. Moving beyond what I can read right from the card itself to the conventional wisdom, as well as indicating a sense of completion, like some of the other Tarot cards, The World is taken to indicate change. One cycle has come to an end and a new one is about to begin.

Here’s the Strava map of today’s ride (ex the return from Bridport to Sidford). If you’ve been following these posts please do check in for the final one tomorrow.

F500 Day 7



  1. […] On a practical point, my d is more dumpy than I’d wanted because, after cycling thigh-deep through a floodplain, I finally abandoned the upstroke before its completion, and the m has a bump on the right-hand downstroke as a consequence of diverting around the closed Crewkerne tunnel. […]

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