Posted by: Ian | December 26, 2012

My Festive 500 #3 – Animus

Today’s ride was a pleasant circuit around the local lanes near Upottery, Hemyock and Clayhidon. The discipline I’ve imposed on the route has led me to discover connecting roads that I didn’t previously know, including a couple that are incorrectly signed as dead ends. Many of the carriageways were sluiced over with rain and equally frequently little screes of hard flint that have been washed down from the banks were left strewn across the road surface. In places residual stretches of orange standing water made hazards of the smaller roads – but I’ve seen it worse.

Returning to my Tarot reading, the second card in my short spread is known as the Animus. With an etymology apparently connoting mind, breath or spirit and alluding to the masculine pole, here it’s used to represent how we ought to behave, irrespective of how our true self is inclined to. I drew Temperance:



Reading from the card itself, as before, you can see that in the background is a path that leads down from a severe mountain range where a volcanic-looking sun is blazing away. The figure has left this behind and stands in a tranquil pond. This speaks to renouncement of an explosive/reactive mode in favour of a more reflective mindset. The flow of water from cup to cup speaks of both taking and giving. The equilateral triangle on the front of the tunic is a crisp signifier of balance and harmony. The aura emanating from the head of the figure retains an echo of the power of the background sun but is controlled rather than fierily nuclear. The righteousness implicit in all of this is exemplified by the angelic wings, too.

I’m taking the rivulets that swirled over the country lanes on my ride today as allusive to this card.

Here’s my Strava map of today’s ride – “strava”, aptly, being Swedish for “I struggle”:

F500 Day 3


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