Posted by: Ian | October 23, 2012


Well, sports fans, I made it. To decrease the chances of missing my train home at the end of the day I started early. The plan was to start as soon as it was light. I think I was a shade ahead of that but the heavy fog obscured the daybreak: as the sun rose the fog simply got whiter. Dartmoor in the morning fog is every bit as atmospheric as you’d imagine.

From a safety perspective, fog troubles me far more than the rain and I was glad to descend out of it. Once off Dartmoor I was set on making progress to St Austell, which I’d set as my 50 mile late-morning target. It was hard work. Down here there aren’t regular uphills and downhills, rather there are sections that have more uphill than downhill and vice versa: there’s no flat.

St Austell was disappointing and I won’t be holidaying there; but a Costa is a Costa.

After awarding Best Accessory to my Garmin Edge 800 yesterday it seemed to be wilfully unhelpful today. The central, unbelievable design flaw in the unit is that if you load a Course and set Turn Guidance on it directs you along a Route it devises that ** may not be the same as the course **. In use, this is an incredible flaw and I spent most of today eschewing its stupid routing prompts. Fortunately, my route (or Course, in Garminese) was quite easy to follow without turn prompts, especially as the cue sheet info you use to define your route is on the Garmin for you to see separately from its own attempt at navigation.

Once I’d left the A390 I was back on small and pleasant roads. Unfortunately, as I gained altitude the fog returned; but I knew I was making good time and would quite soon be finished so I felt relaxed.

The coastal villages around Penzance appeared very pretty and on most days I would have taken a break there. But today I was keen to finish in good time without incident so just stopped at Penzance station to try to get a bike reservation (they wouldn’t give me one) and to pick up a taxi card in case there were no taxis at Land’s End (there weren’t). Irritatingly, I stopped and forgot to re-start my Garmin at the station but only lost a couple of miles before I realised. I’m relieved that I haven’t done that more on this trip.

Arriving at Land’s End was fantastic. After taking a couple of snaps I called a taxi – I really didn’t feel like cycling back to Penzance – and had a pasty on a bench looking out over the sea. I feel quite pleased with myself.

The taxi driver was telling me about other JOGLErs he has picked up this year. His most striking story concerned two guys who had just finished and engaged him to drive them home to Hammersmith. They were so fed up that they left their bikes at Land’s End as they never wanted to see them again!

I may post one final blog with more snaps, stats and B&B details when I’ve got home and uploaded my stuff.



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