Posted by: Ian | October 22, 2012

JOGLE Day 10. Minimal 2 Day Kit.

It wasn’t supposed to rain today but it did. At first I was a little irritated but soon I accepted it and realised that I like cycling in the rain as much as in the dry: I possibly even prefer it. Rain can envelop you like an emotional invisibility cloak.

Despite heavy traffic around Bridgewater I made it to Taunton more quickly than I’d expected to and was sitting in Starbucks with a flat white and chocolate muffin by 9:30. I exhorted Zoe and Heidi by text to skip lessons and join me but they both wisely declined.

My rapid progress continued and I was in Exeter before midday. I really feel the benefit of being £1,000 fitter since I swapped bikes yesterday.

In Exeter I had another lunch rendez-vous with Paula and set myself up with all the bike kit I’d need for my final day and a half. Apart from the bike, bidons, Garmin and the clothes I was wearing, this comprised:

Spare tube
Gas canister
Micro inflator
Tyre patches
Tyre boot
Couple of gels
Drink sachet
Oat bar
Charger for phone/Garmin
Contact lenses
Eye drops
Small pot of chamois cream
Map cut-outs
Recovery tights.

I got all of this into my jersey pockets, wedgie and (new for the final stretch) top tube bag. I thought it was all I’d need but a few miles out of Exeter, at the top of the first of the three climbs that constitute the ascent onto Dartmoor, I realised I’d missed one essential item: a tyre lever. I called Paula thinking she might scoot up before she’d really got going on her way home. It turns out that the Exeter one way system is much more painful by car than by bike. My bad.

I’m glad I came up to Dartmoor. The other basic route choices through the South West are over Exmoor, which I ride a lot, or threading between Exmoor and Dartmoor, which misses all the drama.

Up on Dartmoor it was very foggy and reminiscent of The Hound of the Baskervilles. I could imagine Basil Rathbone flashing a torch from behind a high rock somewhere while Nigel Bruce bemusedly fired his revolver into the mist.

Just before I got to my guesthouse I passed three girls, two of whom were on Day 16 of their own JOGLE. Being close to the end, they had also just got rid of their panniers. Theirs were now being transported in the car of a friend, whom I realised was driving right behind us as we chatted.

My guesthouse is lovely but again there is no phone signal. I can imagine that being nice but now it’s just plain inconvenient.




  1. Sounds like you’re making great progress. Good luck with the last bit

    • Thanks! I can recommend it!

  2. Enjoy your last day! Sounds like an amazing trip …

    The Garmin trouble you are having makes me laugh. It feels like Garmin consistently manages to build devices that are great and crap at the same time. I find that an amazing feat of engineering.

    • That’s so true. Thanks. Is there a Swiss JOGLE?

      • I’m not sure if there is a Swiss equivalent. Probably taking the route of the Tortour would be something like it. Crossing Switzerland is probably 3 days of riding.

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