Posted by: Ian | October 20, 2012

JOGLE Day 8. Evening attire.

My initial cycling goal today was to get down the A49 to Whitchurch, a distance of 40 miles, as quickly as I could. Although I didn’t at any point feel an urge to get out my camera, as a corridor between somewhere I didn’t want to be and somewhere that I did, the A49 was better than I expected. Once past Warrington, it was wide and not too busy. I am, though, getting a bit fed up of the constant headwind, which is the cost of riding JOGLE rather than LEJOG.

Whitchurch proved the day’s turning point, as I had hoped. After coffee and a scone, I took a quiet and pleasant road to Shrewsbury, which is the first place on my trip that I’ve been to more than once before. Over lunch there I decided to change my route for the final leg to Bishop’s Castle. This turned out be the best of the day’s riding. There was one pleasant up-and-down hill, lovely views all along and no cars. Stiperstones was clearly visible across a valley on the horizon. Since I can’t post photos from my camera until I get home I’ll include a snap from my rubbish iPhone 3 camera below as a challenge to the reader.

One worry is that my headset, which was replaced right before came away, is already loose again. On rough roads it rattles like a bag of spanners. It probably wasn’t helped by a minor spill I had near Whitchurch but then one of the panniers took most of the impact. There’s nothing I can do about it on the road and I’m thinking about swapping the Astraeus for the Cervelo on my way through Somerset.

The most inconvenient feature of the day is that there is no phone signal, other than for Orange, anywhere near Bishop’s Castle. Plus, the guest house’s wifi doesn’t work in my room. (And the radiators, which I need to dry my washed clothes, aren’t coming on either.)

Niggles aside, things are going well. If I use the Tour of Wessex as a unit of cycling distance (equal to 330 miles), I’ve done about two and have about one to go. The only other JOGLE cyclist I’ve run into was an Irish girl whom I met at Drumnodrochit. Her trip was much more ambitious than mine. As well as cycling, she planned to do a kind act every day; to record interviews with people she encountered; to invent her route as she went; and to use Sustrans routes as far as possible. And she was camping. I had a text from her this morning, from Euston – she’d given up before leaving Ayrshire and gone home.

Today’s topic is evening wear. Here’s what I have for dining out:

Flip flops
Whichever base layer I didn’t ride in
Jogging pants
Thin/light Patagonia hoodie
Recovery tights.

In which I’m now off to have dinner with my Dad, who has driven out to Bishop’s Castle to meet me.




  1. Great stuff. Keep it up

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