Posted by: Ian | October 19, 2012

JOGLE Day 7. “B” kit.

Today’s riding began with the last five mile wind-up to the highest point on the A6 just South of Shap. From there, there was a great descent into Kendal. Although I hardly used the brakes, if at all, my Garmin reports that I barely broke 40 mph. Maybe it was the headwind; maybe the new slow wheel. But it was fun.

The day before I left London I plotted a new route for today on the advice of a guy who was brought up in Lancaster. I was cursing him as I ground up the first 17% hill and on the road after that there were more lumps than you’d choose on a 93 mile day but it was well worth it. Two thirds of the day passed on quite roads through Lakeland scenery that ranged from pretty to beautiful.

At Kirby Lonsdale I had my first stop of the day (excellent filter coffee and Victoria sponge) and later, on impulse, I diverted into Preston for my third and final stop (disappointing latte and cake at Caffe Nero).

The 28 miles from Preston to my day’s end were uninspiring. My moods at the moment are good when I can feed on beauty around me. When the ambient beauty isn’t there I just tick over the miles and find that my thoughts about everything else become less hopeful. The stretch of the JOGLE that I knew before I set off would be a negative is the run from Preston to Whitchurch. My aim for this segment is simply to make progress between places to the North and the South that I actually want to be; today I took a big chunk out of it. Tomorrow I want to be in Whitchurch by lunchtime.

I had good weather all day. From late morning I made my first of only two sustained switches so far out of my rain jacket; the knee warmers came off too. Which leads me onto my “B” cycling kit:

Short sleeve Rapha base layer
Castelli rain jersey
Castelli rainproof arm warmers
Woolly Boollie socks
Rapha light gilet (worn most of today)
Gore Windstopper Gloves
Rapha winter gloves
Rapha beanie.

I’ve been about a third, a third, a third with my gloves so far.

During my hasty planning, I couldn’t find any acceptable B&B accommodation in the Wigan area so am staying in a Holiday Inn. For one night it’s fine and it has a couple of benefits. First, I can have my bike in the room, which is a convenience especially if I want to make a quick start tomorrow.

The second advantage is that I’ve been able to get a massage in the hotel’s Health Club. If I wanted to be picky I could fault the masseuse’s technique: too hurried, too thumby, the use of Hit moves and frequent stops to reapply more oil (I felt like a Mars Bar about to be tossed in the fryer). But that *is* being picky and I feel a lot better for it. I’m just spoilt by the excellent masseuse I have in London; unfortunately, I fear I won’t be seeing her any more.




  1. Ian, Enjoying the account greatly. See my email today about possible rendezvous. Steve

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