Posted by: Ian | October 13, 2012

Cycling the JOGLE – getting there

A couple of weeks ago I decided to cycle from John O’Groats to Land’s End. Today I did the first of 11 days, from JOG to Tongue.

It’s a short day (63 miles) because I only got to Inverness on the sleeper from Euston this morning. From there, I got a taxi to JOG, booking with Ticket To Ride, who specialize in the transfer. The train was fine. I went First since this gave me a sleeper room to myself: it’s cosy for one but would be a squeeze for two, even if you went with a friend rather than chanced on a stranger.

The ride today was beautiful and, with a tail wind, fast and easy. At JOG I thought for an anxious few minutes that I’d left my Garmin on the train and would need to use maps to navigate. Fortunately I hadn’t but even if I had today would have been a breeze – it’s one straight road.

If I have connectivity and inclination over the remaining evenings I may post some more short notes.



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