Posted by: Ian | June 24, 2012

Photographs from the 2012 Dartford Bridge Triathlon

I don’t do triathlons myself but I have enjoyed watching Paula do them. Today she did her first Olympic distance, in Dartford. I drove and took snaps. Here’s a baker’s dozen:

The Bridge

The bridge, the power station, the pylons… it’s not quite Sydney but it has a vibe.

The Scott

The “fourth discipline” is all about preparation.

Once you’re there and on the edge of the water there’s a lull in the pressure.

Bike guys

The cycling gear is very different from at bike events. There were disk wheels, aero bars, aero frames and all sorts, but not much you’d choose to use to get up a big hill. Many participants had Cervelos but there wasn’t a single R series.

And absolutely no Rapha!

I have no desire to do a tri but the water can be inviting.

Those bikes

The Zipp count was high: disks, 1080’s, 808’s, 404’s. No 202’2 or 303’s, of course.

The stippling of the rain on the lake made it the least flat of the three competition surfaces.

All lake exits were assisted and Paula’s was amongst the better ones. The pro photographers swore when they missed a particularly spectacular slide on the mud.

How triathletes compensate for their lack of jersey pockets.

I do enjoy taking those crisp action figure/blurry background snaps.

Another thing I can do on the Nikon is open up the aperture to capture the slower moments.

By the time all of the athletes had finished the sun came out.



  1. Nice set of photos. Not the most flattering of me (tattoo at the bike racks) but then it was after the race and the only one I have, so thanks for taking it.

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