Posted by: Ian | January 22, 2012

Independent software is king!

Further to my last post, I’ve already had a reply from Mathias at the site I reference, which I include again here. He’s sent me back a fixed version of my Garmin FIT file that can be read into Garmin Connect, Garmin Training Center and Golden Cheetah, and he’s done it without cost and before the Garmin Support guys will even get to the office, let along read my email etc etc. Although I can’t run his software myself because I don’t have a PC, I can’t recommend it strongly enough to anyone who does.

On the fixed ride file, I seem to have lost a couple of minutes from the end of the power section (I hit Stop just past Smeatharpe when the Garmin showed 30:00 and the fixed file before Smeatharpe at 28:04) but otherwise the data looks very good. I didn’t beat the power on my prior candidate CP30 ride but I learnt something. My ride was out into the wind then back along much of the same route with the wind in my favour – my power charted against speed is here:

In a nutshell, when the riding was harder (into the wind) and the speed lower, the power was higher, yet when the riding got easier and I could cycle at 20-28 mph my power dropped. It could, of course, be power fatigue but from studying the data and recalling the ride I don’t believe that was nearly as material as the wind effect. Where there were slight rises on the easy half, my power rose, and when there were slight descents on the hard half my power reading fell, confirming that an easier ride makes for a lower CP30.

Next time I try to set a CP30 value I’ll do it somewhere that’s either gently uphill all the way or at least doesn’t have such a pronounced “there and back” character as this route.



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