Posted by: Ian | September 16, 2011

Photos from the Tour of Britain, stage 6

This morning Paula and I dropped the girls off at school and then went to see the start of Stage 6 of the Tour of Britain. Before most of the team buses arrived there were some people cycling around on old bikes with period clothing – here’s a snap of a couple of them on a break:

We had all the seen the guy riding the penny farthing from the car in Taunton.

The first known face we saw was Ned Boulton, who was having a cigarette and wearing the clothes you’ve seen him in on TV. Paula went up to him and told him she enjoyed his book, which she read recently.

I milled around admiring the bikes as the team vehicles started to arrive. One, but (as far as I could see) only one, of the bikes on the Sky cars had an oval chainring:

There were plenty of opportunities to take cute snaps of bike parts; here’s some tyres:

When the riders started to appear one of the first I noticed was the Devon rider Jon Tiernan Locke. His attacks up the hills have been phenomenal and I was pleased to see him in the back of his car pinning his number onto the back of the KoM jersey:

Here he is having a laugh with Kristian House:

As I was taking these photos Paula joined me just as they brought Jon TL his flowers for winning King of the Mountains yesterday. “Are they for me?” Paula asked. “You can have them,” the guys said – and they’re now in a vase gracing our kitchen. The bouquet has a bike pedal worked into it.

Here’s our man changing out of his Rapha kit and into his KoM jersey:

When the Sky bus turned up it was like something from another discipline. For a start, all the riders stayed on board behind opaque windows until right before the start, unlike the other teams who were riding up and down the high street amongst the fans. For me, this reinforces the impression of Sky being disconnected – I can’t believe that it’s healthy.

The bus itself is huge, completely unlike any other team vehicle. Ever wondered what’s in the large bays that hold the luggage on normal coaches? Here’s your answer:

I’m guessing it’s a washing machine and tumble dryer, at least one of which was in use. You can’t really see David Brailsford taking the team kit down to a laundrette can you?

The rider everyone wanted to see isn’t in the Sky team yet. Here he is:

Here’s another snap of him looking relaxed:

And one of him chatting to Michael Rogers, who will presumably soon be a teammate:

Paula guesses he’s had work on his teeth – what do you think?

I wasn’t very pleased with my Bernie Eisle picture and I wasn’t quick enough to snap Sean Kelly when he walked past. I have photos of Dean Dowling but he’s not riding so I’m leaving him out here. I did, though, get a couple of another rider whom we all like:

One cyclist whom I thought might win this year in Thor Husovd. I ran off a few shots of him, including this one of him looking like a man whose Tour isn’t going as well as he was hoping:

Here’s his World Champion jersey apparently showing itself off:

And another one of Thor, now looking more composed:

I suppose I ought to include one of the Gold Jersey holder, Lars Boom:

And, since he gave us flowers, another one of Jonathan Tiernan Locke just before the start:

After watching the start we drove up to the Somerset Levels to watch the riders speed past. Here were the only other spectators near where we parked:

The first group to go past was led by Ben Swift. See how many people you think are in line here:

Rabo were shielding Lars Boom at the head of the peloton:

Here’s a shot from a bit further back in the peloton, where Thor is hanging in:

There were four riders in the group with Swift, cycling in a close line.







  1. […] them again later in the same stage as they crossed the Somerset levels. There, it was easy to get some nice photographs. Today it was incredibly busy at the rather obvious juncture that we chose. Here are a few of the […]

  2. Amazing photos!

    • Thanks!

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