Posted by: Ian | August 28, 2011

Crazy Garmin

On most Thursday mornings Emily, Gavin and I, sometimes with Stuart and/or others, cycle 3.5 times round the Regent’s Park Outer Circle for a 10 mile pre-work work-out. I almost always ride on the Tempo and always have my Garmin 800 with me to record the stats. Later, I can see the ride mapped out on the Garmin Connect site, where the main page looks like this:

The green symbol on the map shows the start point, just at the pedestrian crossing by the zoo, and the red symbol shows the end point at 10 miles, just before the junction at the South East of the park. (I did the particular ride recorded here on the Astraeus and it’s a minute or two faster than my norm on the Tempo.)

For the past very many weeks I’ve been unable to load my Park Loops ride from the Garmin 800 directly onto the Garmin Connect site. I don’t know why. My rides to the start upload without problem, as do my rides from the end, and all other rides. We speculated that it might be due to the unit detecting the start of a Course that had got corrupted, but deleting the only Park Loops course that I had hasn’t fixed it. I get round it by uploading the Activity to Garmin Training Center (which works perfectly) and then sending it from Training Center to Garmin Connect, which also works. Ideas?

Meanwhile, here’s a quirkier one-off… For a few days recently the Garmin Connect site behaved erratically. It was as if the mapping software was on drugs. Here’s the map it threw of my most recent Park Loops ride:

We’d done the same 3.5-times-round-the-park as normal, and the straight lines had no correspondence to anything in my ride. Moreover, while the overall stats were correct, the mapping was completely funky:

The Player page is as screwed up by this as you’d imagine. On the Garmin 800 device all of the data, including lap data, is orderly, and the route is mapped correctly in Training Center. I have my Garmin set up to generate a split at each mile – on the Connect site the Time for each split was correct but the Moving Times for the splits are all over the place.

Has anyone else seen anything similar?



  1. I did not use the Garmin so have no idea but… far out dude, your average speed is crushing my hopes! I’ve been trying to average 20 miles/h for ages and only came close in a couple of races!

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