Posted by: Ian | July 18, 2011

Statistics from the Engadin Radmarathon

I’ve downloaded the results from the Engadin Radmarathon that I posted about this morning to extract some statistics. 630 riders completed the 100 km event with times ranging from 2hrs 34 mins 33 secs to 5 hrs 39 mins 24 secs. Here’s a chart showing the distribution of times:

If you look carefully you can see where Joerg and I finished at 3:29:04, nine or ten minutes of which was spent taking photos at the top of the Bernina Pass. Joerg was disappointed to not feature nearer to the left but we didn’t slay ourselves getting up the hills and I was happy enough with our time. Here’s the same data in histogram form, with the vertical black line indicating where Joerg and I featured in the distribution:

The organisers categorise riders by age – being born in our before 1966 qualifying you for their younger category – and gender. The breakdown of participants – or of the 630 finishers at least – was as follows:

There were far more men than women and a fairly even split of “younger” and “older” participants.

The average performance in each age/gender quadrant was drearily predictable: younger riders rode faster than older ones and men rode faster than women, on average, with young women turning in about the same mean time as the older men:

Joerg was born after 1966 and I was born before so it’s fitting that our finishing time lay between the averages for the two categories.


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