Posted by: Ian | June 5, 2011

My 2011 Sportive Programme

With the Tour of Wessex behind me now, I’ve signed up for one event every month until October.

First up, in a couple of weeks Paula has enrolled herself, Antony and me onto a gentle 54 mile coast to coast ride from Watchet to West Bay. Adi will be providing logistical/car support and Brendon, who joined Paula and Adi in their recent tri, is also participating. I know and love all of these roads and this will be a great leg warmer after the Wessex. There’s also something satisfying about the coast to coast structure (if you have someone to drop you off at the start and pick you up at the end).

In July, I’m joining Joerg on the Engadin RadMarathon in Switzerland. We’re doing the 97 km version shown in blue on this map, which plots what I’m learning to call the “strecke”:

It’s cool that it has a stretch in Italy by the lake before returning to Switzerland.

The Blenheim sportive is earlier this year, on 21st August. Paula and I signed up to the 100 km version today. (Emily signed up already.) This is a ride without severe gradients and offers a pleasant jaunt through Oxfordshire.

In September (on 9/11) I’ve signed up to the Black Rat North Devon 100 miler. This has some good hills as well as an absolutely beautiful coastal section (with a great cafe) that I’ve been keen to return to since the Valley of the Rocks audax. This could be a tough day.

Finally (for now) on 30th October I’m having a third go at the Exmoor Beast. Last year I battled round it the day after I unboxed my Astraeus and suffered from a dodgy set-up. The year before Emily had her dreadful accident. I’m hoping it’s third time lucky. I’m signing up for the 100 km rather than the 100 miles as the interest lies in the ascent over Dunkery Beacon and the climb up from Lynmouth. I see nothing to relish in the extra distance.


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