Posted by: Emily | March 3, 2011

Exposure Flash & Flare – a great pair of lights

It might already be March, but with early morning temperatures close to 0°C it still feels like we’re a long way from spring and even though it’s getting lighter in the mornings, it’s hard to imagine being able to ride home from work without using lights. Fortunately, earlier this year I invested in a set of Exposure Lights – the Flash and Flare. I use the word “invested”, because at just under £70 for the pair, they’re not cheap, but, as so often is the case, you get what you pay for and these are quite possibly the best lights I’ve ever used.

The Flash (front) and Flare (rear) are small, light and extremely powerful. They have two settings, constant or flash, both of which run the risk of causing retinal discomfort to anyone cycling towards/behind you. They attach quickly and easily to the bike and due to their tiny size you can simply stick them in a pocket should you need to detach them.

When I first bought the lights, the only downside I could see was the fact they don’t take the usual AA or AAA batteries, but instead the more expensive 3V lithium kind. There is, however, also an Exposure charger/rechargeable batteries set which costs roughly £20. If you’re getting the lights and plan to use them a lot, it’s definitely worth also buying the rechargeable batteries as otherwise you’ll quickly spend more than that replacing the disposable batteries (and if you’re smarter than I was you’ll buy the whole combo package of lights and charger right off the bat and save yourself some money).

Having now used the lights for a while, I’m still delighted with them. My only complaint, if forced to make one, would be that it can be tricky to turn them on and off whilst wearing my thick winter gloves, but no more so than a Fibre Flare or Cateye. On the plus side, it’s a fairly safe bet they won’t accidentally turn on if you’ve got them in a bag or pocket as can, with some lights, easily happen.

Although I’m hoping that I won’t need to use my Flash and Flare for too much longer this year, it’s good to know that I’ve finally found some lights I can rely on and that, despite my stealth-like choice of cycling kit, keep me visible without the need of a fluorescent waistcoat.

Exposure Flash and Flare


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