Posted by: Ian | December 31, 2010

My 2010 rides

With 2010 drawing to a close, my spreadsheet of rides this year is complete and tomorrow, or soon after, I’ll make a new one for 2011 – unless I simply use the Garmin software now. Over the year my weekly average has been to cycle 100 miles in 8 hours, consuming 4,000 calories. The calories give a direct indication of when I was working longer/harder on the bike and illustrate my drop-off over the past couple of months:

Stripping out the short journeys and plotting each ride shows where the sportives and major events occured:

To see the detail you probably need to click on the chart. The green lines show rides on the Felt – accounting for almost all of the sportives. The three days of the Tour of Wessex are easy to pick out. The orange lines represent my rides in Maui on the Litespeed, notably up Haleakala. The yellow lines are my rare outings on my Van Nicholas Amazon. The blue lines represent my Condor Tempo rides – mainly commutes, constantly through the year. The red lines at the end show my rides to date on the Van Nicholas Astraeus, beginning with the Beast.

Overall, the stats and the charts correspond to my memories of the year. I am, though, a bit perplexed by the aggregate absence of miles. For a start, taking the totals, my average speed comes to only 12.8 mph, yet I almost always cycle more quickly than that. Also, I’m not quite sure how and when Emily managed to sneak in 40% more miles than I did. I know for a fact that my Garmin 500 lost miles all the time as I cycled around London – I’ve spent hours this year glancing down at it on the Tempo to see only the Locating satellites message. So far the new 800 is much more promising.



  1. Ha so nice to read someone as techy as me … liking the blog

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