Posted by: Emily | September 23, 2010

My South West adventure (day zero)

I’m sitting on a train headed for Bristol. Two carriages ahead of me is my new Van Nicholas Yukon and above me are my two panniers and helmet. Tomorrow my SW adventure begins. I’ll be cycling from Bristol to Land’s End. From there I’ll continue up to Padstow and finally Bodmin, where I’ll probably get the train back to London. I’ll be following National Cycle Route 3 (aka The West Country Way and The Cornish Way) and should be covering around 410 miles in total. Depending on weather (and hills) I expect it to take five, maybe six, days.

Anyone who read my last post knows that only a few days ago I wasn’t even sure my Yukon would be ready in time. I’m very pleased to say that following the initial screw-up, Van Nicholas did their best to rectify things and thanks to CycleSurgery in West Hampstead my bike was ready yesterday! Although I’ve spent less than two hours in the saddle my first impressions of the Yukon are very good and I’m looking forward to the 70 odd miles I’ve got planned tomorrow.


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