Posted by: Ian | August 15, 2010

Cycling Nutrition

I feel as though I’ve been lax in my training recently but my exercise cal burn is still not completely shabby as the chart shows. If I ever stop cycling and don’t compensate with equivalent activity I’ll have to watch my weight since I eat back a good part of the day or two’s allowance of energy that I bike off each week.

Recent cycle-related nutrition that I’ve chowed down includes: porridge (Morning Glory in large bowls-full); Peanut Butter Builder’s Bars; Buzz Bars; Licorice Allsport Mule Bars; muesli, banana, yogurt, granola, milk and honey; beans and mushrooms on toast; fresh-baked muffins; Dorset cereal bars; Paula’s special bike ride ham rolls; scones with jam and clotted cream; flapjack.

Today I did no cycling and only left the house to walk the dogs. Nonethless I had several generous portions of lemon and raisin cake straight out of the Aga.


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