Posted by: Ian | June 20, 2010

Fixie tips

Training isn’t all about fitness: technique is important too. Here are some useful links for anyone who likes riding a fixie…

First, the essential Mash SF site. These guys all ride pure track bikes with no brakes. Look, for example, at the mini-movie of them riding in Austin. I love the controlled skids – if I ever get bionic knees I’m going to learn how to do these. Also noteworthy is the super-high cadence – how are they not simply bouncing in the saddle?

Next, a here’s a less pretty vid on youtube that can be picked over for useful London traffic management tips.

Back to the elegant stuff here, and perhaps my favourite: Macaframa showing how it’s done.

Once we’ve mastered those routine moves it’s time to get out the swimwear and try the really graceful stuff.


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