Posted by: Emily | April 20, 2010

Oh, what a beautiful morning

This morning, I awoke to the sound of birds, with the sun streaming through my window. Over the last week or so, I’ve really struggled to get out of bed, but today I couldn’t wait to get up and onto my bike.  The weather looked to be perfect for cycling and I wanted to make the most of every minute.

As I’m now supposedly in full-blown training mode for the ToW (Tour of Wessex), I’m doing Park Loops every Tuesday and Thursday morning as a way to extend my 10 mile ride to work. By Park Loops, I’m referring to doing loops of the outer circle of Regent’s Park.  At just under three miles, 2.77 according to my Garmin, the outer circle lends itself very well to all manner of training possibilities. Plus, early in the morning it’s relatively traffic-free and you can often do multiple laps without having to stop for red lights, black cabs doing unexpected U-turns or kamikaze pedestrians doing the step-into-the-road-without-looking trick.

Within the first minute of my ride, I realised the sun had been somewhat misleading and it was rather more fresh outside than I’d imagined. Fortunately, I hadn’t gone for the sleeveless option and was thankful for my two layers. As I swung into Regent’s Park, I was beginning to lose all sensation in my fingers. The fingerless gloves were definitely a mistake.  Nothing like a fast loop to fix that though and indeed, by the end of the first lap although I wasn’t yet warm, I was far from cold and I had regained full sensation and movement of my fingers.

It’s hard to describe the pure joy that can be had from being out on the bike in the early morning, with the sun shining and a bright blue sky above.  By the time I’d finished the second loop I was warm and definitely in the zone. Sadly, I was running out of time and I could do only one more loop before I had to make my way to the office. With the good weather set to continue and the ToW looming, I’m thinking that Park Loops could easily become a daily fixture. Fingerless gloves optional.


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