Posted by: Emily | April 4, 2010

Let the training begin

Whilst cycling earlier today, I got called a “sad cow” by a complete stranger. Or, to be more precise, I was actually told to “Shut up you sad cow”. You might be wondering what horrible thing I must have said or done to provoke such a reaction. My exact words were “You’re in the bike lane” and I actually said it quite nicely. My immediate reaction was to laugh, but it did make me feel quite sad that a 30-something year old woman felt it necessary to be quite so aggressive. No doubt she and the guy she was with thought they were perfectly justified in being so rude and probably continued walking down the middle of the cycle lane, which incidentally was in Hyde Park, where there’s no shortage of paths solely for pedestrian use, including the one right next to the cycle lane.
Verbal insults aside, it was an extremely enjoyable ride. Just over 40 miles, the longest I’ve done for quite a while and, apart from a few small hills, mainly flat and fast throughout. The weather was perfect for cycling and I was glad to have remembered to bring sunglasses. Given there’s less than two months until the Tour of Wessex, I should be doing these kind of distances without any trouble at all. One could even argue that anything less than 60 miles can’t really be considered a proper training ride in preparation for an event that covers over 320 miles in just three days. Whilst the ride today felt good, and if I’d taken snacks with me I could have continued without any problem, I’m not convinced that I’d have found it quite so easy doing double or triple the distance, as I should be aiming for. My plan is to start making my regular cycle to/from work longer, add some additional mid-week training sessions and to do one proper long training ride each weekend. Hopefully this will get me to the required level of fitness in the time I’ve got left. 55 days and counting…

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