Posted by: Ian | March 17, 2010

10 weeks into 2010

My Sunday ride at the weekend took me past 1,000 miles for the year so far, putting me on target for 5,000 miles for the full year. I’m pleased with that, though it was never a special target for me and I’m doing less well with the goals that I set as resolutions at the start of the year. There is no planned cyclicality to my cycling miles as Base Building for Cyclists recommends – after an initial flush of inspiration I still just cycle as I can and as I feel inclined with over half of my miles coming from my commutes. I resolved to start swimming but have only had a couple of half-hearted attempts so far. I also resolved to weave some floor sessions (press ups and so on) into my weekly routine – I held a bench pose a couple of times while watching TV but so far this year that’s been it. I think I’d planned to do some running too and I haven’t even given that a thought since Jan 2.

Regarding nutrition, I had a “Three Pans” strategy to buy a slow cooker, an omelette pan and a steamer. I did recently get the slow cooker and that’s been a big success: I’ve had two or three nice casseroles that generated a very tasty return on the prep time invested. I’ll be doing more of those in the weeks and months ahead. I haven’t yet bought the other two pans.

Despite this lacklustre performance against New Year goals, the first ten weeks of 2010 have been fruitful in other ways. I’ve signed up for the Cornwall Tor, which I’m regarding as a training ride for the Tour of Wessex rather than a key target in itself, and the Exmoor Beast, which I hope to finish without incident this year. I’ve picked up some new skills from our bike maintenance course, most notably the ability to fix my own gears. And I had a serendipitous stop off at the Condor shop a couple of weeks ago, when I picked up the most useful technique I’ve ever acquired in a bike shop: the best way to tension the chain on a fixie.

Also, I’ve found a new bike clothing supplier whose merchandise is appealing in the same way (though possibly not to the same extent) as Rapha’s. It’s Twin Six. It took me a mis-purchase to realise that their right size for me is an XXL: I was nervous to order this large from an American manufacturer, especially after their Help people advised me I might find it “boxy”, but it fits surprisingly well. I think it’s pretty classy.

So despite my lame performance at checking off my own resolutions, if at the end of 2010 I’ve made five times the progress I’ve made variously so far with nutrition, bike skills and kit sourcing – and have successfully completed a handful of sportives – I’m calling it a decent cycling year.


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