Posted by: Ian | February 14, 2010


The current issue of Cycling Weekly has a letter from a reader complaining about the recent Hell of the Ashdown sportive for, inter alia, the “poor selection of roads with icy patches”. Really, the clue is in the name. Even if the colourful event title and the numerous reports from last year’s ride, which took place in heavy snow, are ignored, consideration of what conditions on a January Sunday in Kent might be like should be enough to warn off the fair weather rider – or at least to stop him whinging about it afterwards.

In the same spirit, I only have myself to blame if the Cornwall Tor turns out to be just too hard. The organisers emailed out a link to a video on their Facebook page that warns cheerfully of the gradient of one particular hill – the Millook. They clearly photograph the 30% warning signs and caution further that that’s an average rise, with the steepest parts of the climb nearer to 35%. You can see why the narrator chooses to walk up the hill while describing it rather than providing commentary from the saddle.

Apparently, the views from the top make it all worthwhile.



  1. […] knew that Emily’s itinerary for the next day probably featured the infamous Millook climb. When I heard about this before the Cornwall Tor sportive it sounded intimidating but studying […]

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