Posted by: Emily | January 16, 2010

RIP my BikeHike routes

Since it was recommended to me by Stuart last year, I’ve been a huge fan of BikeHike. It’s quick and easy to use and I rarely do a big ride without having first mapped it out on the site. Not only does BikeHike let you create new routes, with full elevation stats and a handy little chart, but you can also save, upload and download routes. You can also search the BikeHike route database, both for your own routes and those that other people have saved. In a word, it’s brilliant.

Unfortunately, having mapped out a ride this morning, when I went to save it, I was presented with a ‘Closure of BikeHike Route Database’ notice. The reason for this, according to the message, is possible litigation risk. Whilst the site itself will still remain open, without being to save or access saved routes, most of what made BikeHike such a great and useful tool will be lost. No doubt, other similar sites exist, but there was something wonderful about BikeHike that will make it hard to replace in my list cycling favourites.


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