Posted by: Emily | November 27, 2009

Big girls do cry

I went to the doctor yesterday. The diagnosis was not good. In fact, it was terminal. My Scott, the all-singing, all-dancing carbon love of my life, is, according to the very nice guy at Cycle Surgery, damaged beyond repair and needs a completely new frame. The frame, of course, is the expensive part of any bike; especially one constructed of carbon. The Scott’s injuries were sustained during my fall at the Beast. I knew at the time there would be some significant work to be done. When you turn the pedals and nothing happens it’s never a good sign, but I didn’t for a minute think it would come to this.

I’d like to say I took the news well – that I remained strong, kept control of my emotions and didn’t embarrass Mr CycleSurgery, or myself. Sadly, for both of us, this wasn’t the case and I have to admit there could have been an overactive lachrymal gland situation. In my defense, I was very attached to my bike. Having only recently acquired him, I wasn’t quite prepared for his untimely demise. Fortunately, Mr CS coped admirably with my emotional meltdown. Perhaps I’m not the first person to cry in the West Hampstead branch of CycleSurgery…



  1. I’m popping into Tesco tomorrow if you need me to get a fresh supply of kleenex – I’m feeling your loss big time xxx

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