Posted by: Ian | November 21, 2009

Product of the week

A couple of weeks or so ago I went to Evans and bought a pair of Gore gloves for the autumn. Last Friday, I left one of them, I think, on the train. In case I can’t recover them from Lost Prop, Paula and I had a look in Kings Cycles, Taunton to see what they had in stock. I didn’t get new ones but Paula walked out with a pair of the well-reviewed Endura overshoes, which I and others have bought and loved in the past. They’re so good that I wander what Rapha have managed to put into theirs that makes them think they can charge over twice as much; I’m sure there’s some subtle, ineffable quality I’d find if I had them. Paula also bought a pair of merino socks and some impressive-looking Altura gloves. But none of these new products has yet had a trial run.

Back at Talbot House, I kept looking at the new tyres on my Felt, which had their first and so far only outing at the Exmoor Beast. I really wanted to see how they held up again in the miserable weather. Also, after just returning from the States this morning, I felt a bit miserable myself in a jet-laggy fatigued way and a blast out in the wind promised to be the ideal tonic. One problem was that the dark clouds was rapidly advancing the disappearance of daylight and the Felt has no lights. Since I was keen to go out, I broke open the Fibre Flare Tail Light that I bought for the early mornings and winter nights in London and that I haven’t yet fitted onto the Tempo.

The ride was ideal: only about eight miles out from and back to Taunton in the gusting drizzle. Immediately, I was reminded that my Felt has no mudguards: my shorts and bike tights were soaked through within minutes of setting out. As I cycled along I recalled a time last winter on the same route when the road had been totally flooded. A large BMW sat facing me, unmoving, at the far end of the most dramatically flooded area while the driver assessed whether to risk taking her car and two kids through it. Then on my old Kona Dew Deluxe, I went straight through. The water rose up over the bottom bracket but the bike and I were untroubled. It was fun. Today, I hoped that I wouldn’t be subjecting the Felt’s fancy Dura-Ace groupset to the same treatment. Luckily, the surface of water over much of the same road was only an inch or two deep at worst, the 4000S’s held up perfectly and I was home in under half an hour, just before total darkness fell and my lack of front lights became reckless.

The Fibre Flare was great. It’s a breeze to put on and gave me confidence that cars would give me a wide berth, as they did.  5339 have them in stock.



  1. […] but my new green Fibre Flare. It’s essentially the same as my red Fibre Flare, which was my first Product of the week, only traffic light green and, I think, a bit longer. I’ve attached it to my drive-side fork […]

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