Posted by: Paula | November 19, 2009

Hmmm not as flat as I thought.

Well here’s my first ever blog.   I managed to travel all round the world with my family without writing one –  after all, I had Ian to do that – but all this cycling has inspired me.

After a few too many glasses of red recently I heard myself agreeing to do a short sportive in Cornwall.  I had already agreed to try the Blenheim one next October but that seems so far off that I haven’t been losing too much sleep over it.  The Tor of Cornwall seems much closer so  I thought I should get out on my bike a bit more.  So far my cycling has been mainly at the weekend with Ian and I don’t really like to go out on my own in case I get a puncture.  I know, I know, I should learn how to fix one.  Well, some day I will.  But for now I carry ‘pit stop’ ,which is supposed to instantly inflate a punctured tyre enough for me to get home.  I haven’t used it yet and suspect that I might still call a cab if I breakdown.

So recently I’ve been out a bit more in the week.  I’ve done a couple of rides on my own – one where I rode up and down a long cycle path by a busy rode and practised little sprints and one where I fell off trying to brake and answer my cell phone at the same time.  I haven’t quite got the hang of multi-tasking, especially when cleated shoes are in the equation.

My best ride was last Monday when Ian was around for the day.  I was feeling pretty tired after a weights session with my personal trainer but agreed to go out for a 20 mile circuit that we often do.  We have done this ride enough times that by now it should be getting easier.  But it’s not.  We cycled out for seven miles and the whole time I felt like it was such hard work and it really shouldn’t be – after all it’s fairly flat and I’ve been training hard.  At the seven mile point the light was fading and I was worried about getting back before it got dark – I only had a front light.  Ian suggested instead of cutting back on the main road we could just turn around and ride back the way we had come.  It sounded like a great idea.  And it was.  The first four miles or so I barely peddled – it was easy and I whizzed along.  It was so down hill!!  Then I understood why I had been finding it hard!

I know this is a ride that Stuart and Emily have done with Ian and I’m sure they found it easy enough but for it me it was so nice to find out that it wasn’t as flat as I thought.


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