Posted by: Ian | November 9, 2009

The Cornwall Tor

Yesterday Fate told me to enroll for the Cornwall Tor. Envious of my hill-defying Felt and Emily’s zingy Scott, Paula has been eyeing up carbon bikes on the internet. To see one in the metal we went to one of our local bike shops (the Bicycle Chain in Taunton) and got chatting to one of the guys there (Alex), who, it turns out, is a sportive fiend. He told us about the North Cornwall Tor, which he described, with enthusiasm, as “unrelenting”. On the Cyclosport 2010 calendar the event is given a rare (unique?) 10 for difficulty. On checking the route, I found that it takes in the hill where the photo of Zoe on the post I’d made earlier that day was set. The timing is perfect for Tour of Wessex prep two weeks later.

As ever, if you’re interested let me know. Paula is mulling over the 44 mile route, and if she does it I’ll do that one too. If she passes I’ll sign up for the 100 mile route as it has the allure of being a Coast to Coast ride. There is also an intermediate 72 mile route.

In previous years it was called the North Cornwall Tor but they’ve dropped the “North” this year as even with “Cornwall” coming next in the description it seems that people were expecting it to be in Gateshead.



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